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Workplace Violence Prevention Training (California SB-553)

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About WPV Training

This training program provides comprehensive workplace violence prevention training in compliance with California Senate Bill 553. The program is designed to educate both employers and employees on recognizing and responding to potential threats, creating a safe work environment, and understanding their rights and responsibilities. Course Subject Matter Experts (SME's): The Subject Matter Experts (SME's) involved in the writing of the learning plans range from retired FBI Agents, Senior CIA Operations Officers, Behavioral analysts, Threat Management Specialists, School Resource Officers (SRO's), Police Officers and US Military Officers. Many of whom are current members of ATAP (Association for Threat Assessment Professionals), the FBI InfraGard program (public private partnerships), and ASIS International. Included in this learning / training modules are the following: 1. Introduction to workplace violence prevention 2. U.S. and California incidences & statistics of workplace violence 3. What is Senate Bill 553? 4. What is workplace violence? 5. Types of workplace violence 6. Forms / Manifestations of workplace violence 7. The pathway to violence in the workplace 8. The stages of workplace violence 9. Warnings signs and red flags to report (prevention) 10. A case study on workplace violence (video observation of scenario) 11. What is de-escalation? (prevention) 12. De-escalation techniques to consider Attendees will be engaged and challenged throughout the modules with pop-quizzes to ensure learning. By the end of these learning modules, employees will have the required training as per California Senate Bill 553 on workplace violence prevention. Learners receive a certificate of training completion upon completion of the training.

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