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Private Sector Support

Private sector organizations, NGO's and Non-Profit Organizations have started to look out for threats related to their specific industries and sectors on their own versus relying heavily on already stretched law enforcement budgets .  Whether the threats they face are cyber or physical hazards, we at C-T Watch have custom designed solutions for these organizations to place them "Left-of-Bang" with a focus on detecting and mitigating threats versus merely reacting after an incident occurs.  Our team of specialists and subject matter experts can help organizations with open source investigations to assisting with the set up of their very own global security operations center (GSOC) or a security operations center (SOC).  We at C-T Watch strive to make "Prevention a Reality" when it comes to addressing persistent threats.



  • Investigations support

  • Fusion Center support/set-up and training (GSOC/SOC)

  • Intelligence training

  • K-9 support (Crime scene, Bomb detection, forensics, illegal substances)

  • Community outreach programs

  • Security administration and leadership consulting

  • Intelligence Analysis 

  • Security Use of force consulting (Legal)

  • Vulnerability Assessments (physical and cyber)

  • Custom course curriculum 

  • Custom Services based on client needs

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Image by Collin Armstrong
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