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Law Enforcement Training

Our Law Enforcement training & support focus is on filling training gaps & ensuring our Law Enforcement Officers get the best training possible to counter terrorism in the Homeland. Our training is focused on front line teams such as SWAT, Bomb Disposal, Dive teams, Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) & Intelligence Units (HUMINT, Analysis & Fusion Centers).


  • Investigations (Cyber/Social Network Analysis)

  • Fusion Center support

  • EOD / C-IED support (Ground and Maritime)

  • Advanced Observation Skills (AOS/ASAT)

  • Advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

  • Electronic Warfare Support (C-IED)

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

  • SWAT/EOD Interoperability

  • Terrorism Threats on the Homeland

  • Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance

  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Drone Operations for Law Enforcement

  • Advanced Behavioral & Threat Recognition 

  • Threat Assessment Training

  • High Speed Vehicle Interdiction Course

  • High Threat Tactical Vehicle Operations Course       

NOTE: These courses are only for US Law Enforcement only.  To inquire please email us with your official agency email address.  No inquiries will be entertained unless an official agency email is sent.

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