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Intelligence Support

Intelligence is the lifeblood of America’s ability to countering terrorism overseas and in the homeland. By employing a multidisciplinary force of intelligence professionals involved in many high profile counter-terrorism missions, C-T Watch, Inc is firmly committed to providing only the best personnel, products, and training to the Intelligence Community (IC) in support of the global counter-terrorism mission.

We serve the US Military, Intelligence Community, and Law Enforcement agency fusion centers by providing only the latest and relevant products and services in support of their missions including predictive policing, open source intelligence (OSINT), social network analysis (SNA), human intelligence (HUMINT), and analysis, all in support of the fight on terrorism, extremists, radicals, as well as criminals abroad and in the homeland.

Our intelligence subject matter experts (SME’s) have senior leadership, collection, and analysis experience from the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Many of our experts are current instructors in support of “on-going” intelligence training programs for the US Military, Intelligence Agencies, Federal and State Law Enforcement.


  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operations

  • Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) 

  • All-source intelligence (analysis, collection & targeting)

  • Counter-Intelligence (COINTEL)

  • Predictive Policing

  • Fusion Center support

  • Intelligence training

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations & training

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