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Law Enforcement Support

Law enforcement is a dynamic and complex professional community. The C-T Watch team understands the daily challenges of our federal, state, and local law enforcement customers because we’ve been there. We develop and deliver intelligence, training, technology, tracking, tactical, and operational support specifically designed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement personnel, from beat cops, to criminal investigators, to tactical operators in specialized hazardous environments. Our familiarity with Law Enforcement budgets, policies, TTP’s, organizational structures, and operational issues allows us to develop new approaches to age old problems and to craft customized solutions for our clients.

With the current reduction in law enforcement grants, law enforcement agencies are having to cut and reduce force training and specialized support. We at C-T Watch understand this and we have developed relationships and programs that allow struggling agencies to have much needed capabilities on a case-by-case basis without having to incur the expense on a per annum basis.


  • Investigations support (Cyber / Social Network Analysis)

  • Fusion Center support

  • EOD / C-IED support

  • Electronic Warfare Support (C-IED)

  • Intelligence training

  • K-9 support (Crime scene, Bomb detection, forensics, illegal substances, tactical)

  • Community outreach

  • Police administration and leadership consulting

  • Tactical TTP’s consulting

  • Use of force consulting (Legal)

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