CEO of C-T Watch, Inc. Roque Wicker (Government Sector Chief of FBI InfraGard Los Angeles) and Jason Periard (Director of Community Security Initiative at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles & Faith Based Sector Chief of FBI InfraGard Los Angeles) both spoke at the InfraGard National Congress this past week on “Building Resiliency through Proactive Training”.  The talk focused on taking training to the next level from just a response to being more proactive (left-of-bang) in order to better mitigate and possibly prevent acts of terrorism and / or active shootings.

Both speakers also worked on a project called “Nothing Happens in a Vacuum”, a PSA on pre-incident indicators (PII’s) of an active shooter and launched the video campaign at the conference with great success.  The PSA features various subject matter experts (SME’s) on active shooter, terrorism and intelligence discussing the attack cycle and signs that someone may be planning a terror attack or an active shooting.