The Counter-Terrorism Security Officer (CTSO) Course was designed by retired CIA and FBI personnel who worked on the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) as well as on International Counter-Terrorism Task Forces.  This type of course has only been taught to US Law Enforcement and Military Personnel only as recently as 2015 – even then, not all Military or Law Enforcement Officers get to receive such specialized training.  We firmly believe that increasing the number of personnel trained in “what to look for” and “how to report it” is KEY in stopping the next terror attack or even the next active shooter incident.

The topics of this course are focused on giving security personnel the required background knowledge on terrorism and countering terrorist activities and strategies that are tried and true in ensuring security personnel are educated and prepared to deter, detect and possibly disrupt a potential mass casualty incident such as an active shooter or terrorist attack on the US Homeland.  By having the base knowledge of how these nefarious groups operate, how they plan their attacks and how they conduct pre-operational surveillance – CTSO’s will be in a better position to identify the threat and report them through the appropriate reporting systems in place to counter the impending threat.

Course contents:

  • Definition of Terrorism and its Origins
  • Modern day terrorism from 2001 to 2017
  • Seven signs of terrorism
  • The terrorism attack cycle & terrorism time piece
  • Pre-Incident Indicators (PII’s) of Terrorism
  • Situational Awareness
  • Reporting Suspicious Activities & National SAR process

Course FEE – $199

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