IntelScout Product Overview

The IntelScout® platform is an investigative force multiplier unlocking the largest known repository of information, the Internet. IntelScout®, a platform designed by former intelligence officials and utilized by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) experts, is a user-friendly portal comprised of the latest online investigative tools and techniques, allowing the analyst to investigate, rather than waste opportune time typing thousands of queries across numerous platforms. Using the IntelScout® platform allows analysts and investigators alike to conduct comprehensive online investigations more efficiently.


IntelScout® was built with one goal in mind: to create an extensive intelligence toolset which provides users maximum search power and structured efficiency. By applying this concept, our team has reduced the investigative labor process by up to 80%, generating more leads, faster than ever before.


Streamline your research and allow investigators to focus on analysis, not collection. Quickly train new investigators in the art and science of OSINT, standardizing investigative efforts across your team.

Your OSINT Headquarters

IntelScout® provides users with a wide range of cutting-edge investigative and research tools, all available for the user with one click. IntelScout® is a living tool and is continually updated providing users with the latest and the best of the OSINT world.


Account holders can customize IntelScout® to their specific needs. Logos, special OSINT tools, region or country-specific search engines, fonts, etc. can all be added to your customized version of IntelScout®.

Data Privacy & Security

As intelligence professionals and privacy advocates hosting an investigative platform, IntelScout® was designed for user anonymity. The platform itself is not technically “online” instead running on your local device.  No 3rd party data collection whatsoever.

For more information or to schedule a demo on IntelScout® email us at [email protected]