C-T- Watch understands the challenges corporations face during the hiring process and during corporate due diligence missions. C-T Watch provides investigative solutions for corporations as part of their risk management measures. Hiring executives with questionable backgrounds and/or hobbies could expose a company to major risks such as trademark infringement, patent infringement, theft, insider trading, and corporate malfeasance thereby exposing the company to unnecessary losses. Simply running “online” background searches does not protect the corporation from these types of risks, at C-T Watch we employ specialists to perform social network analysis (SNA), “Dark Web” searches and complete single scope background reports for our clients.

Investigations for corporate due diligence are complicated and C-T Watch has the ability to sift through the “fluff” during a corporate acquisition, buyout, or merger. By applying forensic accounting specialists in the process we are able to quickly and effectively report the true state of the corporation for our clients.

C-T Watch provides world-class private investigations, surveillance, and surveillance detection for many of our clients. We utilize the latest technology as well as the most capable investigative teams which is a combination of former homicide & surveillance detectives, CIA HUMINT collectors, and FBI surveillance specialists. This combination ensures that our clients get the most complete products delivered to them that encompasses intelligence, technology, surveillance, and investigations.


  • Corporate & personnel due diligence
  • Complete background checks
  • Surveillance / counter-surveillance operations
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA)  “Dark Web Investigations”
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Private investigations
  • Bloodhound / scent investigations (for thefts / burglaries)