C-T Watch Inc. serves a variety of clients from the Special Operations Community, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement (Federal/State/Local), critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) as well as publicly and privately owned domestic and international businesses. On occasion we assist high net worth individuals and their security teams understand the threat landscape while travelling abroad or while in their home town.


Due to the nature of the work that we do for the Special Operations Community we have decided not to list specific units on this page. If you are from a special operations unit and would like to check references please email us from your command email address or for added security we could connect with you via SIPRNet.

The Special Operations teams we have worked with stem from the following branches:  US Navy, US Army,  US Air Force and US Marine Corps.


Here is just a short list of Law Enforcement Agencies we have had the pleasure of training with / continue to provide training and support services to.  The training and support services provided range from SWAT (High-risk Warrant Training), Bomb Squad and SWAT Interoperability, Maritime Law Enforcement Tactics, Surveillance Tradecraft, Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Hostage Rescue, Intelligence Analysis and Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Counter-Terrorism for Law Enforcement Officers (CTLE-B/I/A).

Los Angeles World Airport Police (LAX Police)


Our commercial and private business clients fall under various critical infrastructure sectors such as private and public partnerships, chemical, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, shipping, Information technology, faith based, medium to large entertainment venues, luxury hotels, defense contractors, museums, schools, shopping centers, security company’s (both physical security up to personal protective details), healthcare, insurance company’s, non-profit organizations, port terminals, airports (private and public) and professional accreditation associations. A number of unnamed high net worth individuals are also included in this client section.

Training and services provided to this clientele ranges from active shooter training (PAR- preparation, action, response), dark web investigations, personnel investigations, comprehensive background checks, vulnerability assessments (commercial and residential), overseas travel vulnerability reports, behavioral indicator training (BIT), advanced situational awareness training (ASAT), pre-incident indicators (PII) training, interview and interrogation training (TQ), homegrown violent extremist (HVE) familiarization training, ISIS threat to the homeland, customized training programs and many more.

Below are just a few of our current and past clients.