C-T Watch, Inc. is committed to our mission, vision and core values. We strive to better ourselves, our company, and to never give up any of our values for the sake of financial gain. We are mission driven and as part of our commitment to our team members and clients we strive for higher quality and clientele satisfaction.


To deliver the highest quality, up to date, and multi-disciplinary counter-terrorism solutions to our clients and allied nations to mitigate and defeat terrorism threats in the homeland and around the globe.



To be recognized as a leader in the provision of high quality counter-terrorism training and education for our clientele to keep our world secure from threats of terrorism.


INTEGRITY – We pride ourselves in being honorable, trustworthy, and credible.

COLLABORATION – The strategic partnerships and relationships we have forged in all disciplines of counter-terrorism intelligence, operations, logistics, legal, public and private partners enables us to create meaningful learning experiences for all of our clients.

COMMITMENT – We are committed to the counter-terrorism mission of the United States of America and our allied nations to keep our world secure.

CLIENT SATISFACTION – Client satisfaction is one of our most important core values. We insist on providing the highest quality education, training, and subject matter experts (SME’s) to all of our clients. Without 100% client satisfaction C-T Watch would not be in existence today. We strive for perfection and continually make adjustments to our training courses and FTX’s to account for various changes in TTP’s.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We at C-T Watch, Inc take personal responsibility for our commitments, actions and results. We accept ownership, and accept the consequences of our decisions.