C-T- Watch Incorporated is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and traces its roots to maritime counter-terrorism, intelligence training and security consulting.  Prior to C-T Watch starting in 2009, two retired intelligence officers (Wicker Sr & Everett Sr) with over 100 years of combined special operations and intelligence experience discussed their assessment of the upcoming threats of terrorism and potential gaps in law enforcement, intelligence community and in special operations when it comes to combatting terrorism for the next century to come.

One of these gaps included the lack of highly specialized training for the Intelligence Community, Military and Law Enforcement as well as the lack of effective community engagement / awareness programs such as public and private partnerships.  These gaps once filled would fuse key information and resources from private sector along with information the US government has in order to create the ultimate force multiplier in combatting terrorism in the Homeland.

The prolific use of technology such as social media and encryption by terrorists to communicate, train and radicalize our youth online to commit acts of terrorism is and has been beyond the control of the government – essentially making it more difficult for the government to spot the important signs necessary to stop future terrorist threats in its tracks.  An effective Counter-terrorism strategy to combat this ever-growing threat of online radicalization will have to come from public and private partnerships.  One solution to countering-terrorism in the immediate future will be the reliance on Human Intelligence (HUMINT) combined with public and private partnerships to increase awareness in our communities to protect the Homeland.  It was with this vision that C-T Watch was born

In 2010 C-T Watch was awarded a US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) contract to provide coursework and training in support of their OPE (Operational Preparation of the Environment) program expansion into the US Special Operations Forces (SOF). In conjunction with these courses C-T Watch expanded into HUMINT, C4ISR, Cyber Warfare, Tactical Driving, Defensive Tactics, Small Boat Tactics, and Intelligence courses of instruction (COI) for the Special Operations, Intelligence Community, and Law Enforcement agencies.

In 2011 C-T Watch started looking inward towards the detection and prevention of terror attacks in the United States against Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR).  C-T Watch started working with US based intelligence fusion centers and private industry to assist in identifying future threats and personnel training gaps.  Filling these gaps has strategically assisted both private industry and the public sector to work together in identifying threats early and mitigating them prior to the commission of a crime or terrorist act.